A long term analysis in an international context

The project explores how the scientific world networked internationally and what has been the impact of universities, the prominent researchers and their research groups on cities and their regions.

The work proceeds on three levels:

  • Individuals (prominent scientists and scholars in different fields, Nobel Prize winners, scholars in exile)
  • Environments (universities, research institutes)
  • Innovative cities and regions

The outcome of the project will be information about networking of researchers, relations between university and society, and indicators of innovativeness and attractiveness.

University of Tampere. © Erkki Karén

The project is funded by The Acadamy of Finland (Research Council) 2002-2007. The Ph.D. candidates and the Research Fellows are affiliated to the Department of History, University of Tampere. The director of the project is Academy Professor Marjatta Hietala.

Copyright © 2005 Timo Vilén, Marjatta Hietala, Aulikki Litzen, Mervi Kaarninen, Timo Rui, Sampsa Kaataja, Kirsi Ahonen, Mikko Lahtinen.