What is TRANS-NET?

TRANS-NET is a three-year research project funded (1 499 920 euros) by the European Commission's DG-Research (7FP). The objective is to clarify and compare the complex process of transnationalism. The following transnational spaces will be taken as the main units to analyse the border-crossing relationships: Estonia/Finland, India/UK, Morocco/France, and Turkey/Germany. The focus lies on the transnational networks and political, economic, and socio-cultural activities. Moreover, the topic of transnational empowering is of central importance.

The research conducted in Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Morocco, Turkey, and the United Kingdom addresses both policy documents and individual migrants, including labour migrants, posted workers, family-based migrants, humanitarian migrants, and foreign degree students. Research data will be gathered through content analysis of policy documents and semi-structured and life-course interviews among a selected sample of respondents in each participating country. The project (No 217226) accomplished in 1.3.2008-28.2.2011, is coordinated by the University of Tampere, Finland. The project manager is Professor Pirkko Pitkänen.