Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages VI

On the Road: Travels, Pilgrimages and Social Interaction

University of Tampere, August 6.-8.2015

The aim of the international Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages conferences is to bring together scholars of various fields of study to examine and discuss various phenomena during the longue durée from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. The first 'Passages' conference was organised at the Department of History and Philosophy, University of Tampere, in January 2003. Since then there have been five conferences under the same concept, with topics varying from aging and death to social networks, religious participation and infirmity and health.

The sixth Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages conference is organised at the University of Tampere August 6.-8.2015. The title of the conference is On the Road. Travels Pilgrimages and Social Integration, and it will focus on social approaches to travelling, mobility, pilgrimages, and cultural exchange. Conference progarmme will be published on this website in early spring 2015.

The registration fee is 100 € (doctoral students: 50 €). The registration is open till 12 june 2015 here. For questions and inquiries, please contact the organising committee at


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