The Trivium Centre, founded October 10th 2006, is a multidisciplinary network between researches and teachers of the University of Tampere.

Our purpose is to increase dialogue and encourage study of classical, medieval and renaissance culture, society and everyday life. In addition to promoting networks between disciplines, departments and research groups, The Trivium Centre aims to strenghten relations in international level as well.

The Trivium Centre welcomes activities of all the disciplines concerning classical, medieval or renaissance culture.


  • 7th Arachne Conference: Women, Power and Agency in Antiquity. University of Tampere, October 22.-24. 2014.
    Website of the conference
  • Disabilities in Roman Antiquity
    Open lecture by Senior Research Fellow Christian Laes, October 28, 2014
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  • Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages VI: On the Road. Travels, Pilgrimages and Social Interaction. Tampere, August 2015. Call for papers now open!
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