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Sara Ellis Nilsson, MA, Doctoral Candidate, University of Gothenburg
Sara Ellis Nilsson's main research interests are social history, the cults of saints, religious transition and mentality, ecclesiastical development, and the geography of sanctity. She has published work on the miracle stories in Adomnán's life of St Columba. Forthcoming publications include an examination of the emergence of Scandinavian bishoprics and the liturgy of their saints, as well as an analysis of the making of new saints from a gender perspective. She is currently writing up her doctoral thesis on the cults of new saints and the Christianisation of medieval Scandinavia.
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Anders Fröjmark, Associate Professor, Linnaeus University

Jussi Hanska, PhD, Docent (Adjunct Professor), University of Tampere / University of Helsinki

Meri Heinonen, PhD, Senior researcher, University of Turku

Markus Hiekkanen, PhD, Professor, University of Helsinki

Steffen Hope, MA, Doctoral candidate, Syddansk Universitet
I'm currently working on a PhD in medieval history at Syddansk Universitet, Odense, and I'm affiliated with the Centre for Medieval Literature, a joint venture between Odense and the Centre for Medieval Studies at University of York. I have previously studied both at NTNU, Trondheim, and at CMS in York. My MA thesis was an investigation of the cult of Edward the Confessor, while my PhD is concerned with religious identity in the cults of Edmund Martyr, Olaf Haraldsson of Norway and Knud Lavard in Denmark.

Visa Immonen, PhD, Adjunct Professor / Research fellow, University of Helsinki
Visa Immonen is interested in the representation and narrativisation of saints in ecclesiastical and secular material culture, including communion vessels, cutlery, dress accessories, jewellery, tableware, and the sarcophagus of Saint Henry in the church of Nousiainen.
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Sari Katajala-Peltomaa, PhD, Senior Researcher, Docent (Adjunct professor) in General history, University of Tampere.
Sari Katajala-Peltomaa's main research themes are gender, family, daily life and lived religion. She has specialized on 13th -15th century canonization processes. Her publications include Gender, Miracles and Daily Life. The Evidence of Fourteenth-Century Canonization Processes, Turnhoult: Brepols 2009 and 'Recent Trends in the Study of Medieval Canonizations.' History Compass 8/9 (2010): 1083-1092. Currently she is working with cases of demonic possession in late medieval canonization processes.
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Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark
Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen is Head of a small research unit: CEPS - Cultural Encounters in Premodern Societies. His research focuses mainly on the Baltic crusades, the relationship between the high medieval papacy and the Nordic kingdoms, and medieval religious discourse on body, landscape and 'otherness'.
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Jyrki Knuutila, D.Th, Professor, University of Helsinki
Jyrki Knuutila is focusing on medieval and early modern ecclesiastical history from liturgical, juridical (Canon Law, the medieval Swedish legislation) and hagiografical perpective. In addition, he has studied church buildings with sculptures and paintings. Among his several publications are "Matrimony as a Juridical and Ecclesiastical Institution in Finland up to 1629" (1990) and "The Cult of St Olav of Norwegen in Finland from the 13th Century to the 16th Century" (2010).

Jukka Korpela, PhD, Professor of History, University of Eastern Finland
- Cults of orthodox saints and orthodox hagiographs
- Religious legitimization of princely power in East Europe

Christian Krötzl, PhD, Professor, University of Tampere
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Jenni Kuuliala, PhD, Researcher, University of Tampere / Visiting Research Fellow, Central European University
My main research interests are disability, health and illness and their familial and communal aspects in the later medieval canonization processes. I have also published about medieval folklore related to childhood. Currently I am working on corporality and disability in the Middle Ages.
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Marko Lamberg, PhD, Professor, University of Stockholm
Marko Lamberg is focusing on late medieval and early modern Nordic history from social and cultural historical perspectives. He has among other things published works about how Birgittine hagiography was used as a tool of establishing gender hierarchies in the monastery of Naantali (Nådendal, Vallis Gratiae). He has also analysed mental historical structures in Birgittine exemplum tales.

Anu Mänd, PhD, Senior Researcher, Tallinn University
I mainly work with visual representations of saints and the saints' cults withing guilds and confraternities in medieval Livonia (i.e. modern Estonia and Latvia).

Samu Niskanen, PhD
My current university affiliations are Helsinki, Jyväskylä, and Oxford. In the first I'm in charge of the project 'Crusades as Literature'; in the second, I'm a member of the project 'The Transmission of Knowledge in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance'; in the third I'm a fellow of Jesus College and in charge of a project to catalogue the manuscripts of the College. My research focuses on medieval Latin literatures, at present predominantly on letters and crusade histories. (I have recently proposed that our first crusade chronicle, the so-called Gesta Francorum, has in fact a verifiable hagiographical intention; Sacris Erudiri, 51 (2012).) On writing this, I am about to finish the first volume of a new edition of the letters of Saint Anselm.

Aija-Leena Ranta, Doctoral Candidate, Sibelius Academy

Katja Ritari, PhD, Docent (Adjucnt professor) in Study of Religions, University of Helsinki
Ritari holds a PhD in Celtic studies from University College Cork and works as a researcher at the Department of World Cultures/Study of Religions, University of Helsinki. She has specialized in early medieval Irish religious history and especially on hagiography, monastic spirituality and eschatology. She has published, for example, 'Saints and Sinners in Early Christian Ireland: Moral Theology in the Lives of Saints Brigit and Columba' (Studia Traditionis Theologiae 3, Brepols, 2009).

Ciro Romano, PhD
Historian at the University of Naples "Federico II" (Italy) and University of Jyväskylä (Finland). His research interests include medieval history and religious institutions in Southern Italy (suppressed monasteries or convents, Church-State relations, brotherhoods, history of cults and the popular devotion). He is a member of the Italian Association of Professors of History of the Church, of the International Federation of Medieval Studies (FIDEM) and of TUCEMEMS (Turku Center for Medieval and Modern Studies).

Marika Räsänen, Researcher, University of Turku

Sebastián Salvadó, PhD, Postdoctoral research fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Research interests include the interdisciplinary study of liturgy (chanted text) as a source of intellectual history for the Middle Ages, with a special focus on saints' cults as seen in 'historiae' (Divine Office); History of devotion in the Middle Ages; Military Orders; Interaction of liturgy, chant, and art. Areas of interest: Anglo-Norman England, Arago-Catalonia, Byzantium, Latin East, Scandinavia.
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Serafim Seppälä, PhD, Professor, University of Eastern Finland
- Saints of the Christian Middle East
- Sainthood in Judaism
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Miikka Tamminen, PhD, Researcher, University of Tampere

Raisa Maria Toivo, PhD, Senior Researcher, Docent (Adjunct professor) in history, University of Tampere.
Toivo's main research themes are gender, religion and relationship of power. She has specialized on early modern witchcraft, superstition and the history of lived Lutheranism in Finland, Sweden and northern Europe. Her publications include Witchcraft and Gender in Early Modern Society (Ashgate 2008) and various articles and edited collections on her themes.
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Kurt Villads Jensen, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
Working on different aspects of warfare and ideology of war in the high Middle Ages, especially the crusades both in the Mediterranean and the Baltic. Has worked also on saints and warfare, crusader saints, and similar.
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Ville Vuolanto, PhD, Research Fellow, University of Oslo (IFIKK, History of Ideas)/ Docent (Adjunct professor) in General history, University of Tampere.
Vuolanto has specialized in the Late Roman World, with a special interest in the history of childhood, in continuity strategies in every day life, as well as in the theoretical aspects of the research process in writing history. He has published articles on Late Antique hagiography and the construction of sainthood through family discourse.
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Martin Wansgaard Jürgensen,, Dr. theol, Redaktør, Danmarks Kirker

Marita von Weissenberg, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, Xavier University

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