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Vinkki: Voit myös vaihtaa valikon kielen suomeksi .


This website is here to help you with your language learning. It does not matter if you are currently participating in a language centre course or not - there are many things you can do on your own to improve your skills. We would be happy to assist you!

To proceed, simply choose the language you want to study from the menu on the left. You will be asked to choose your skills level. You can find more information on this and several other topics in our user tutorial.

Please note that the pages are updated regularly. However, if you cannot find the kind of material you are looking for or if you have any problems with this site, please click on Feedback and offer your ideas!

SAC team


SAC is on summer holiday
Friday 13.5. is our last day open before our summer break. We open again in September, see you then!

New books and CDs in the SAC!
We have got some new material in many languages, welcome to study them! Most of the new books & CDs have already arrived but some are still coming. Here are examples of our new material:
- Many Finnish books, CDs, a grammar book and a Moomin book in plain Finnish.
- French phonetics book + CD
- Finnish-Russian-Finnish dictionary
- English-Swedish-English dictionary
- Japanese books & CDs
- Picture dictionary of five languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Finnish)
- Hören & Sprechen B1
- English-Dutch-English dictionary (also a Dutch basic textbook coming!)

Find yourself a language learning friend!
In the Self-Access Centre we have a Language Link board where you can find yourself a language learning partner. If you are interested in learning a foreign language and at the same time teaching your language, come and check the board and leave also your own note!

Brush up your language skills with Language Clinic
Would you like to have some help with language learning? Did you get your essay back and you'd like to learn from your mistakes? Our supervisors help you with language learning! In Language Clinic we offer:
- Finnish
- German (Germany/Austria)
- Swedish
- French
- Russian

You can book a time slot of max. 45 minutes/week. The book for booking is in the SAC, Pinni B5071. Use Language Clinic if you have any questions or if you just want to talk to someone who knows the language!

Persian (Farsi) links
We have had some inquiries about Persian material. As we are unable to offer Persian material in the SAC at least at the moment, we looked for some links for studying the language. You can find Persian (Farsi) in the left-hand side column and by clicking it you can go to hyperlinks.
Do also check out the Persian channels of our satellite TVs!
Have fun with studying Persian!

Novels to borrow
One of the simplest ways to learn languages is reading books! We have a lot of novels in many foreign languages, especially in Nordic languages and English. Unlike other material, you can borrow culture books and read them home. We got new novels in the beginning of the year and more new material is coming!

We would like to thank the student who donated us awesome Japanese material : now it is possible to read Japanese One Piece manga or to learn make origamis in SAC!

Swedish in English? Yes!
Now it is possible to learn Swedish in English, too. A great opportunity for exchange students to get to know the other official language of Finland. Välkommen!

Would you like to learn some Estonian?
Self Access Centre has material for Estonian learners, come and take a look at Naljaga pooleks and Keel selgeks! Studying is now possible in Russian, too.

The Self-Access Centre (Pinni B5071) welcomes all old and new visitors to get to know our services on the 5th floor of Pinni B. You can come and relax on our new sofas between your lectures and watch satellite TV!


Opening times:

To see our opening times, please click on Introduction in the menu on the left.


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