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University of Tampere, Department of Otorhinonlarongology

The ENT research center at the University of Tampere has animal research laboratory equipped with evoked response measurement systems, full surgical facilities and resources to use intact and genetically manipulated experimental animals. The molecular biology laboratory is under currently development. The response field in the BIOEAR project is to coordinate the project and evaluate the toxicity of biomaterial in the guinea pig inner ear. Such effects as; fibrotization of cochlea, effect on survival of ganglion cells and possible ossification of cochlea is evaluated under exposure to different types of biopolymers. Also the effect of growth factor, antioxidants and electrical stimulation in connection with biopolymers will be evaluated.

                Key Personnel

Coordinator, Prof. Ilmari Pyykkö, Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at University of Tampere, Finland has been pioneering the inner ear focused research and has applied clinical research and basic research in individual hearing conservation. His research laboratory has supervised more than 20 doctoral thesis.

Ph.D. Esko Toppila (Department of Physics, Institute of Occupational Health and ENT Deaprtment of University of Tampere) is head of the administration in the BIOEAR project. Ph.D.E. Toppila has vast experience in signal analysis and in collection of environmental health data. He has also worked as administrator previously in connection with another EU-project. He has vast experience in this field and has been working more than 20 years with hearing and noise. His research unit has received the EU accreditation for noise and hearing protection research. His team is benchmarked as best practices in Europe in the field of noise control and hearing conservation.

MA Hannele Auffermann is the  financial manager of the project. She works at the Funding Offic at the University of Tampere and has vast experience in providing assistance in financial matters, assessing budget flow and economical control for EU.
  Maste-at-law mr is providing legal advices for the BIOEAR.  He has vast experience in international law and is familiar especially topics related to EU funding.


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