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The Programme of Tampere film Festival
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Sunday, 8th March 1998

Dancing the Friday Night Away

Fortunately, the Jury Members of the International Competition have also had some time to take it easy in Tampere. Friday night in the restaurant Laterna was spent getting to know Finnish tango and country's traditional alcoholic beverages.

"Koskenkorva spirit is just fantastic - I drank it all night long and felt great this morning", proclaims a Belgian documentary director and producer Marco Lamensch. A member of the International Jury, Carole Paulus enjoys the festival's combination of work and joy. "Tastes of anis and herbs", she commented on the drink Lamensch offered her.

The Chair of the Jury Alejandro Pelayo was busy dancing tango and had time only to throw in one comment: "The best thing in the Festival are the people, especially the warm Finnish women. They are just something else than the Swedish women!"

Also the Mexican guests of the Festival appeared in Laterna: Buenas tardes Claudia Prado! How is it to be a VIP? "I have no idea because I'm not a very important person. I'm having really great time in here - where is the after party?"

Hubert Sauper
In addition to
partying, Hubert Sauper
tried to talk politics.

Milagros Sollano Solis tried to convince everybody that she has not gone nuts even though she can't think of anything better to do than winter swimming in a lake. The rumour has it that all the Mexican guests have gone winter swimmig in Tampere.

Also the documentarist Hubert Sauper was sweating in the dance floor. "I was disappointed with sauna. All the energy died when the women and men were separated."

Text: Kirsi Siekkinen and Anssi Väänänen
Photo: Anna Starckman
Translation: Pia Valtanen

© pomot 1998
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