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Sharp Teeth at Pakkahuone

Being a vampire is not an easy job. All the time you have to be on guard for crusifixes and stupid people, who try to puncture your heart with a wooden cane.

Yleisöä oli runsaasti
Vampires grinned to a full house.

The Night of the Vampires at Pakkahuone offered ordinary people an opportunity to get a closer view of the vampires. I couldn't resist the temptation to mingle along.

Juicy Bodies and Scent of Blood

Pakkahuone was full of wonderfully juicy bodies. The scent of blood overpowered me, and I could hardly restrain myself from having a bite. There were other bloodsucking creatures moving about these tempting bodies as well.

Children of the night
Nocturnal wanderers enjoyed the films.

My old friends Nosferatu and Count Dracula looked as charming on the screen as they do in nature. They didn't waste any time in getting to the point: they sunk their teeth straight away into the pink flesh. Yum-yum!

The Band
A band enlivened the silent Nosferatu.

Text: Marjo Laukkanen
Translation: Pia Heikkilä

© tivema 1997
Sunday 9, March 1997

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