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The Bold and the Beautiful
of Russia

Mans of the Silhouettes

- Dostoevsky is the Bold and the Beautiful of Russia, says Esa Nissi.
- His works are pretty clumsy at times.

Esa Nissi is a first year student in the Oulu Institute of Arts and Crafts. He has made a 35 second intro to the Dostoevsky & Short Films show screened at the Festival.

- I envisaged this last autumn. I have read most of the Dostoevsky's works that have been translated into Finnish.

Dostoevsky's Spell

When Nissi concentrates on reading, the world outside loses its meaning.

- I have read these books in my own style. When I read The Brothers Karamazov, I just ate, read and slept. Although Nissi thinks Dostoevsky is a magnificent writer, he says that all his works are not that great. In Nissi's opinion, The Possessed is dreadfully gossipy.

- Dostoevsky's short stories could provide good material for films, because he is so good at describing.

Imprisoned in Siberia

People possessed by demons; criminals and idiots. All these can be found in the works of the Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky. There was no lack of drama in his life. He was accused of taking part in a conspiracy, he was sentenced to death, pardoned and sent to Siberia in chains. The writer spent most of his life after the imprisonment in St. Petersburg. Dostoevsky died in 1881.

Text: Marjo Laukkanen
Translation: Pia Heikkilä

Dostoevsky and Short Films on Sunday at Tampere Hall Small Auditorium at 12 a.m.

© tivema 1997
Sunday 9, March 1997

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