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Sunday 12 March 2006

Your own couch is the best bet

Teemu Hotti
Translation: Mervi Hämäläinen

Generally, people do not like subliminal advertising in films. If every advertisement was hidden I would be much happier. When subliminal advertising is good you don't even notice it and when it's bad you can only laugh at it. I can tolerate the commercials on TV because I can go to the fridge or bathroom during them. However, nobody can escape from a seat in the cinema.

In the Finnish Finnkino before the film starts, there are a few trailers and lots of advertisements which are usually extended versions of familiar ads from television.

After fifteen minutes of various ads you cannot even remember which film you came to see. Of course, you can be fifteen minutes late but only if you can brave the murderous glares of others while you wade through the sea of popcorn to your own seat.

During the last few years, the prices of the tickets have risen to ridiculously high and should have included better service, but either the cinemas' have reduced their services or I have gone blind. After Finland's long recession the cinemas became popular again in the 1990s. However, today it seems that cinema companies are trying to shoot itself in the foot by raising the prices and reducing the services. This might be an understandable behaviour if the cinema was the only form of audiovisual entertainment but that is not the case.

Today the big money is found supporting the TV series and it has made them better than most films in both storytelling and visually. The new recording digi boxes and other technical things can jump over commercial breaks. The must-see films you can get from the store in a couple of months or, if you do not have moral compunctions, you can download them from the internet in a couple of hours.

These days, I rarely go to the cinema. Why should anyone go to the cinema if they can get better and cheaper entertainment on their own couches without commercials?

Except you should go to the Tampere Film Festival. They should not have any advertisements.

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