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Sunday 12 March 2006

Kiko Goifman is looking for his mother

Text Silja Raunio, Photo Suvi Vihavainen
translation Satu Katajamäki

Kiko Goifman

Kiko Goifman is a Brasilian documentarist whose films can be seen in Tampere.

Kiko Goifman celebrated his 33rd birthday in 2003 and decided to find his biological mother for this occasion in 33 days. Goifman wants his film to brake Brazilian taboos. However, it is not about provocation or vulgarity, the point is to make adoption visible and acceptable in the director’s own country, Brazil.

– Adoption is still a taboo in Brazil. I was adopted myself and I wanted people to be able to talk about adoption more openly, says Goifman.

33 is Goifman’s only film where you can hear his voice and see his face. Normally he doesn’t want to be the narrator or seen in any film more than is necessary.

– The finished documentary also shows my entire team and their voices and visions, even though our goal was to be completely objective. In the end I am always sort of inside the film I am making. That is why I don’t want to be seen or heard in the documentaries any more than I have to, Goifman explains.

With 33 Goifman makes an exception. He is filmed for 33 days as he is trying to find his biological mother. According to him, the most enjoyable aspect of making this documentary was meeting new people and hiring a private detective to help in the search. On the other hand, at times it was difficult to deal with a subject that was so close and personal to him.

– Sometimes it was really difficult to build a documentary around such an intimate theme, Goifman admits.

Goifman refuses to divulge whether he found his mother or not. That is something you can find out for yourself at the festival, at Kiko Goifman’s second screening, on Saturday, March 11, at 8 PM in Plevna 5.

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