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Sunday 12 March 2006

Sauna compensates for the rush of the festival

Anni Kakkola,
translation, Satu Katajamäki

Taking international guests to sauna is an old tradition of the Tampere Film Festival. The head of International Affairs at Tampere, Pertti Paltila, finds this custom excellent.

– Going to sauna symbolises the cosy and comfortable atmosphere of the festival. Foreign visitors have looked back fondly on this experience, delighted to come back later.

International guests are traditionally taken to the representative sauna of the city of Tampere in Hangaslahti. That is where the guests are able become acquainted with a chimneyless smoke sauna as well as other guests. In addition, The Association of Finnish Film Workers and the festival workers will organise their own sauna evenings.

– This is a way for the guests to get to know each other without formalities, since the pace of the festival is very hectic.

Usually people are nervous before their first sauna experience. Still, most of them are brave enough to jump into the lake or the snow on the ground.

Paltila recalls a man from Burkina Faso, who had never been up north before. He wanted a picture of himself in the snow.

– He was in the snow for some time, making snow angels, before anybody understood to take a picture of him. Afterwards he was very happy about his experience.

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Sunday 12th March