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Saturday 11 March 2006

Pjotr Sapegin

Pjotr Sapegin tells stories with his hands

The Russian-Norwegian animator Pjotr Sapegin knows how to use his hands. Last years Grand Prix-winner has created 16 animated short films and one feature animation. In spite of the computer revolution, Sapegin prefers to work with his hands.

The Paranormal takes over on the Night of UFOs

The Saturday night of the Festival week opens up new dimensions as Klubi fills up with paranormal sounds and phenomena. On the Night of UFOs, we see three feature films and dance to the rhythm of space sounds. In the meanwhile, we enjoy music videos, short films and oddities of the archives.

Unyielding Creativity

The word 'bad' has described the state of film in Pakistan for a long time. This statement is made by Maheen Zia, a Pakistani director and a member of the International Jury at Tampere Film Festival.

The thin line between art and journalism

Documentary film is a multidimensional concept. This genre is characterised by the constant debate over to what extent filmmakers should take part in or even contribute to the course of events.

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Festival News 2006
Saturday 11th March