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Thursday 10 March 2005

Director Mika Taanila is sceptical about the power of technology

Observing a society filled with technology is the carrying theme in Mika Taanila's latest work, Optical Sound, which premiers in the Tampere Film Festival. The intent of Optical Sound is to make busy modern people realise just how profoundly their environment is controlled by technology and machinery

Auringonvalo siilautuu puiden raosta

Sights in Tampere: Arboretum. Picture: Miisa Kaartinen.

What to See In Tampere between The Films

A market hall hidden in the center of the city, waffels for dinner, winter gardens – thirteen handpicked sights in Tampere.

Estonian film is trying to come out of the margins

Many Estonian films are of good quality but that is not enough. People generally do not know much about Estonian films. Nevertheless, a lot of top quality films are made in Estonia, especially when you consider how small the country is in terms of population. Furthermore, Estonian animation is world-famous. Riho Unti's animated film Hing Sees was awarded a Diploma of Merit at the Tampere Film Festival in 2003.

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Festival News 2005
Thursday 10th March