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Saturday 12 March 2005

Ability to Work Under Pressure Important for Translators

A record number of over 300 films will be subtitled in the Tampere Film Festival this year. Subtitlers need to be familiar with the foreign language and culture they are dealing with. Furthermore, the work requires manual dexterity and an understanding of the aural and visual aspects of films.

Translator Markus Lamminpää

– The most important thing is to be able to condense the dialogue, says translator Markus Lamminpää. Picture: Aino Holma.

There Is Film Schooling All Around Finland

In Finnish vocational schools, students work towards a Vocational Qualification in Audiovisual Communications and become Media Assistants upon graduation. This year almost 20 Finnish media schools offered almost 80 short films to Film Festival.

The Festival Prevails through Political Polemics

Politics has been a part of Tampere Film Festival from the very beginning. The Festival organization itself and the films shown at the Festival have often been under close inspection. It has been difficult to reach a political balance, because almost all Western documentaries have been critical of society.

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