Get your films from the Net

Text: Mari Vesanummi Translation: Marika Malmström

When you are dying to see a short film, the Internet comes to the rescue. The Finnish Pixoff is an interactive meeting place for film enthusiasts. On its web pages it already has nearly 300 registered short films. The films are there for everyone to watch and what is more: they are completely free of charge. The number of viewers is constantly increasing and the server receives 4500 visitors a week. A single film gets 500 - 12 000 viewers. If a film does not have any other distribution channels already the minimum number of 500 viewers is very encouraging for the filmmaker.

 Besides Pixoff, American web pages offer short films as well. However, Pixoff functions differently than the American counterparts. The American sites concentrate on distribution whereas the Finnish offer additional services to support the filmmakers.  ”

It is important to us that the filmmakers can have their say,” explains Lassi Tasajärvi, the project manager of Pixoff. 

Filmmakers can send their films straight to Pixoff where they are converted into digital format and shifted to the Internet. Every week two to three new short films turn up on the web pages.  Downloading films from the Internet is becoming more popular every day. Big companies are negotiating deals with traditional film distributors. In the future, this phenomenon will shape the infrastructure of Finnish film distribution. Nowadays a great number of chargeable services are being set up.

 ”One good example is, where every Finn can order a good-quality Terminator 3 for only $3,99,” Tasajärvi says.  Read more: Finnish pages:


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