Director Kari Paljakka Notices Form

- There is no point in painting van Gogh's Sunflowers in a way it has already been painted. One must find a new way and form to portray the subject.

- Modern times require modern ways of representation. If you want to paint sunflowers in a vase again, you have to look at them with fresh eyes, director Kari Paljakka says.

Paljakka, the winner of the Risto Jarva Award in 1984, takes note of the form of the film first. The key elements are the same in short films and feature films.

- Form is, however, emphasized in short film because it is less bound to the rules of narration, Paljakka says.

Content is certainly significant. However, according to Paljakka, rapidity has no particular position in a film.

- Rapidity can come in many forms. A film can seem slow even though it has been cut to make it rapid. Slow speed can seem fast if the film succeeds in absorbing the viewer into its world.

- In the past two years, editing in action movies has become more and more rapid, says Paljakka.

Sceptical About  Mobile Movies  

Paljakka also emphasizes the significance of screening venues to film. He is not unsceptical about all new formats. He is doubtful about the prospects of film on a mobile phone screen.

- A small screen affects the means of expression. It is not necessarily possible to see a detailed picture. At least it is not possible to display large general shots on a mobile phone. Does the story then have to be told only with close-ups and special close-ups? It may be more difficult to make the sounds audible. Expression is likely to be more uncouth and lacking in nuances, says Paljakka.

- Maybe in ten years I will find newspapers making fun of these comments about the possibilities of mobile phones, says Kari Paljakka about his own predictions.

Text:   Teemu Saintula
Translation:   Tytti Pohjola

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