Where Anyone Can Become a Film Critic

Every search engine on the internet gives a list of hundreds if not thousands of foreign and domestic film review sites. The net is an ideal forum for conducting polls, and it also is a place where anyone can get their reviws published. If you are to get a proper picture of whether a film is worth watching or not, you should be acquainted with the personal taste of the critic in question.

Every opinion is naturally subjective, and what you prefer is usually what you go to see. Reviews are often made within the boundaries of the chosen genre; people in favor of drama review drama films, and action films get reviewed by action buffs. Reviews are thus biased.

Critics' Styles Become  Familiar Over Time  

Where can I find information about what I might be interested in? Asking your friends is probably still the easiest way. When you know what your friends like, it is easy to put two and two together. You can also familiarize yourself with the style of a critic or two. This can be done once you have seen the films that have been reviewed. By following the reviews of a certain newspaper or a magazine, you soon learn to view the critics' opinions in the light of your own likings.

Websites selling films (video or DVD) have come to a different solution. People do get to write their own subjective reviews, but the webmasters also provide statistical information on what other films people buying certain products have purchased. In consequence, a potential customer may decide what to buy according to the supposed shared tastes based on statistics.

Why Host a Film  Review Site?  

Some websites concentrate on dealing with one film only, whereas some discuss a certain selected group of films. There are also sites where one can have an influence on which films will be reviewed. Nearly every site aims at selling films or film-related products.

The sites range from those run by film enthusiasts as a hobby to the more professional ones. Creating review pages of one's own is not overwhelmingly difficult, for the web teems with the necessary instructions. Mikrobitti, a Finnish information technology magazine, provides on its webpages a source code for a review form and lots of other information useful in creating a film review site.

One professionally executed Finnish film site not intended for commercial purposes is the Kaleva newspaper website's film section.

Why does the Kaleva newspaper host a film review site, Development Manager of Kaleva web services, Jussi Lähdesmäki?

- Our organization has been endowed with more than average amount of expertise and interest in the field of film, and thus creating a film site was a natural choice; especially since we knew that our readership was interested in this particular field. Besides our own reviewers we have a flexible system of gathering film reviews and introductions to our database.

The Kaleva newspaper publishes reviews of topical films written by both professional critics and the public, yet not forgetting TV films. According to Lähdesmäki, the site has received hardly any feedback, which can be interpreted as a positive thing: people have nothing negative to say. Instead, the site is much frequented and reviews are legion.

The KalevaPlus webpages contain many sections dealing with topical issues, films comprising only a small segment of the whole site.

Text:   Harri Sundström
Translation:   Terhi Kinnarinen

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