Festival News 2008 - Web Magazine of Tampere Film festival

”The Audience Might Be Disgusted”

Pop artist Andy Warhol died in 1987, but his works still continue to stir up strong emotions. Warhol loved to provoke and confuse people, but not even curator William Sloan, who knows his works inside out, can tell what Warhol wanted to say with his works. Six of Warhol’s experimental short films from the 1960s are shown at the festival.

Trapped in Child Marriage

The Parliament of Yemen recently decided that a person younger than 17 is not allowed to get married. Numerous girls have so far been subjected to the horrors of child marriage. – Our country has taken a great step forward, says the Yemeni film director Khadija Al-Salami.

Choreographic Reality

British director Miranda Pennell gets ideas for her movies by observing her surroundings.

Love is a treasure is Eija-Liisa Ahtila`s film about the world of women who suffer from psychosis.

Finnish Foreigner

Eija-Liisa Ahtila is Finland's best known director of modern Films – abroad.

Strong Sense of Identity at the School of Motion Picture

Studying at the School of Motion Picture in Helsinki is intensive and laborious during the first year. Later on students can choose their courses more freely, as they begin making films in the second year.

Animation grins at the Society

The Czech animation director Pavel Koutský thinks that it is not the arts' duty to change the world, but to show it.

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