Festival News 2009 - Web Magazine of Tampere Film festival

The man, the hill and the shack in Pablo Lamar´s film I hear your Scream. International jury says, that the film is characterized as being a meditation on life, death and sorrow in one beautifully composed frame.

Grand Prix travels to Paraguay

The Grand Prix of Tampere Film Festival's International Competition was awarded to a fictional film, I Hear Your Scream (Ahendu nde sapukai), directed by Paraguayan Pablo Lamar.

Warhol's Films May Disgust

Pop artist Andy Warhol died in 1987, but his works still continue to stir up strong emotions. Warhol loved to provoke and confuse people, but not even curator William Sloan, who knows his works inside out, can tell what Warhol wanted to say with his works.

Klaffi the dog and Kammo the mouse in their previous adventures.

Poster Tells a Story

The festival poster's familiar characters were born in author-illustrator Markus Majaluoma's head in 2003. The illustrator still likes Klaffi the dog and Kammo the mouse.

Walking Encyclopedia

Program director Raimo Silius thinks that the future of Finnish film is promising. However, Silius emphasizes the importance of understanding history.

Dreams on a Train

A three week train journey was not a vacation for Iris Olsson. Director Olsson and her international film crew shot a short film of the Russian passengers on the Trans-Siberian train.

Finnish Foreigner

Eija-Liisa Ahtila is Finland’s best known director of modern Films – abroad. Her films and installations deal with topics such as mental breakdown, death, divorce, and the hardships of growing up as a woman.

Absurdity of Everyday Life

British director and modern dancer Miranda Pennell uses choreographies in her films to bring out the self-evident truths of everyday life. When two irrelevant situations are combined together, the scene becomes absurd.

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