Festival News 2008 - Tampereen 38. elokuvajuhlien verkkolehti
Mimmi Nietula and Jani Koskinen filming.

Mimmi Nietula and Jani Koskinen made a documentary on Palestinian every day life. (Photo: Laura Meriläinen)

Hope lives in the outdoor prison

Jani Koskinen, cinematographer and assistant director of the documentary Next Door to Freedom has visited the Palestinian areas controlled by the Israeli many times already. Most of his experiences in the areas have been positive, but some things have made him stop and think. The locals even refer to the wall built by the Israelias an outdoor prison.

Cinematic experience makes you laugh more

Cinemas have survived the threat of DVDs even though the death of cinema has been predicted since the advent of television. One reason for this is the effect of shared experience, say the researchers of the University of Chicago - films seem better in the theatre.

The technical quality of trash films is improving

In February Toni Lahti, Producer of Tampere Trash Film Festival, has waded through dozens of film clips sent by amateur filmmakers and selected the ones most suitable for the festival.


This year's trash is light and humorous.

Russian cinema makes pots of money

The first ever Russian fantasy film, Volkodav, was commercially last year's most successful Russian production.
For the fifth year in a row the economy of Russian film industry keeps growing at a rapid pace.

Portion of Ticket Sales Donated to UNICEF

One half of the ticket sales of special UNICEF screenings are donated to UNICEF. Tampere Film Festival holds two UNICEF screenings and Videotivoli three.

Updated 14 March 2008 16:17