Festival News 2008 - Tampereen 38. elokuvajuhlien verkkolehti

Portion of Ticket Sales Donated to UNICEF

Johanna Mattinen
Tatu Henttonen, translation

Tampere Film Festival holds two special UNICEF screenings on Saturday, 8 March. Fifty per cent of the ticket sales from these screenings will be donated to UNICEF. Also Videotivoli presents three UNICEF screenings.

The screening aimed at children consists of animated films by Swedish Johan Hagelbäck. The screening for adults, titled Endgame, presents black and white classics centered around the theme of children, such as Baby's Lunch (1895) by the Lumière brothers and Zero for Conduct (1933) by French director Jean Vigo.

The city of Tampere serves as the national UNICEF city of the year. Its task is to promote people's awareness of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, especially among children and youth themselves. To sponsor UNICEF projects, different events are being arranged in cooperation with over one hundred partners.

– The UNICEF theme will appear over the year in football and ice hockey games, other popular sport events, theatres, rock concerts, schools and kindergartens, as well as in different company projects and seminars, says UNICEF coordinator Minna Männistö.

During its UNICEF year, Tampere is going to raise funds for Tanzania and especially for its cooperation partner, the city of Mwanza.

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