Festival News 2008 - Tampereen 38. elokuvajuhlien verkkolehti

Japanese band as relationship therapy

Jari Himanen
Tatu Henttonen, translation

Japanese rock band Electric Eel Shock

Japanese rock band Electric Eel Shock, performing on Wednesday in Tampere, promises their gig to be a cure for relationship problems. The band’s music will satisfy your girlfriend for the first time ever, claims Akihito Morimoto, the guitar player and singer of the group.

The secret of the magic trick lies in the trio’s energetic rock’n’roll, which makes the couples dance through the night.

– If you miss this gig, you may not see us ever again, your girlfriend breaks up with you and you will become very, very depressed until the end of your days, states Morimoto as the reasons why people should see the band.

Gigging as a lifestyle

Although the group has been together for nearly ten years, they still find it hard to define themselves. Morimoto thinks this is because they have tried not to limit themselves musically to just one genre.

– That way we have been able to develop our original and unique style. It’s all based on old school hard rock, to which we always add something new, he says.

According to Morimoto, EES has given on average 150 shows a year during the previous nine years. The band has received praise for its frantic and entertaining performances. Morimoto agrees that Electric Eel Shock is essentially a band that you have to experience live.

– Basically we are a live band, and we know the crowds are satisfied after seeing our show, Morimoto says.

The most drunken audience in Scandinavia

Morimoto promises that the group’s new album Transworld Ultra Rock retains its power also when listened to at home.

– As long as the volume is loud enough and the neighbours get their share of the enjoyment.

From their previous visit in Finland, Morimoto remembers ”the most drunken audience in Scandinavia”.

– And yet they get up early in the morning to go fishing! Did you know that I always go fishing wherever we play? In Åland I didn’t catch anything. Maybe it was because everyone was drunk - me too!

Electric Eel Shock performs at Klubi on Wednesday, 5 March at midnight 12 p.m.

Updated 13 March 2008 15:22