Work ability 2010


On behalf of the organizing committee I cordially invite you to the 4th Work ability Symposium to be held in the city of Tampere, Finland. The 1st work Ability conference was held, also in Tampere in 2001 and after that we met in Verona, Italy and Hanoi, Vietnam. The theme of the 1st conference was "Past, present and future of work ability". Now after almost ten years, we may recognize that the work ability topic is even more important in all ages due to the demands in the working life and the demands to extend the working life both at the beginning and the end of the carrier. Age management has been introduced to be a tool for that purpose. The quality of life after retirement may depend on the quality of the work life and therefore functional ability in the old age may be related to work ability. A new field of research, Occupational Gerontology, is introduced to explore that.  Thus, a strong collaboration between work life researchers and gerontologists is needed. Welcome to Tampere for multidisciplinary and fruitful discussions about  work ability.

Clas-Håkan Nygård, Professor
Chair of the organizing committee


4th Symposium on Work Ability
Muutettu: 21.9.2009 11.59 Muokkaa