General Information

Finland as a Host Country

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Helsinki as a Host City

Over the past decades Helsinki has gained a reputation as an interesting, safe and clean host town of numerous international congresses. In this respect, Helsinki has a lot to offer: excellent conference and exhibition facilities, pleasant hotels in various price categories and lots of opportunities for leisure activities. Helsinki is also known for its well-organised public transport system. A recent study ranks the city the second best in the world (International BEST project 2004).

Proximity to the sea with a lovely archipelago, its many well-kept parks, its museums and art galleries, the colourful Market Place, shops and restaurants to everyone's taste, make Helsinki a pleasant destination for congress delegates. The surrounding countryside is within easy reach and offers ample opportunities for excursions and for relaxation in privacy.

Helsinki is large enough to provide all the services that a major congress may require, yet small enough to make delegates and their families feel at home during their stay. The municipal authorities have a very positive attitude towards international conferences. The City of Helsinki has shown its hospitality to numerous congresses by inviting delegates to a reception at the City Hall.

Past and present

  • Founded in 1550 by King Gustavus Vasa of Sweden, capital since 1812
  • 559,700 inhabitants, in the metropolitan area 1.2 million
  • 98 km shoreline, 315 islands
  • Centre of Finland's administrative, educational and cultural life
  • Finland's finance and business centre
  • The cleanest city in the EU and the third cleanest in the world (Worldwide quality of life survey 2002)

Centre of education and science

  • Several large institutes of higher education and research, such as the University of Helsinki, the largest university in Finland, with over 30,000 students, and also the largest medical faculty in the country
  • Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration
  • Helsinki University of Technology

Culture and entertainment

  • 16 professional theatres, national opera and ballet
  • Two symphony orchestras
  • 83 museums and numerous art galleries
  • 58 cinemas, 59 public libraries
  • 830 restaurants
  • 395 km recreational trails and jogging tracks

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