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13th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy

organized by the Unit for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI)

11-12 September 2008
in the University of Tampere, Finland
Pinni B building, 1st floor, lecture room 1097, Kanslerinrinne 1, 33014 Tampere

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Workshop program (updated August 20th 2008)


Workshop abstracts and presentations

Keynote speech by Professor Ben Martin (University of Sussex, UK):
Bibliometric research, indicators and science policy making

Aksnes, Dag W. (NIFU STEP - Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research
and Education, Oslo, Norway):
Polar research in the Nordic countries – a publication-based approach
Abstract Presentation

Armbruster, Chris (Research Network 1989, Berlin, Germany & Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany):
Access, Usage and Citation Metrics: What Function for Digital Libraries and Repositories in Research Evaluation?
Abstract Paper

Auranen, Otto; Himanen, Laura; Puuska, Hanna-Mari (Unit for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, Institute for Social Research, University of Tampere, Finland) and Nieminen, Mika (Innovation Policy Research and Impact Assessment of R&D, Innovation Studies, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland):
Connections between university research funding, publication performance and impact of research. Comparison of five countries
Abstract Presentation

Carlsson, Håkan (Sweden Gothenburg University Library and Head Office, Lund
University Libraries, Sweden); Larsson, Christer (Department of Laboratory Medicine,
Lund University, Malmö, Sweden) and Noyons, Ed (Centre for Science and Technology
Studies (CWTS), Leiden University, the Netherlands):
Benchmarking Medical Research - Aggregating Publications using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH-terms)
Abstract Presentation

Eriksson, Leif (Uppsala university, Sweden):
The ”Norwegian model” in practice in a Swedish university

Abstract Presentation

Forsman, Maria (Social Science Library, University of Helsinki, Finland):
Do we need a qualitative approach in bibliometric studies?
Abstract Presentation

Gunnarsson, Magnus; Fröberg, Johan; Jacobsson, Carl and Karlsson, Staffan (Swedish
Research Council, Stockholm, Sweden):
Subject classification of publications in the ISI database based on references and citations
Abstract Presentation

Hellqvist, Björn (Institution of ABM, Uppsala University, Sweden):
The meaning and function of the citation in the humanities: A theoretical analysis
Abstract Presentation

Hemlin, Sven and Olsson, Lisa (Gothenburg Research Institute, & Dept of Psychology,
University of Gothenburg, Sweden):
Are Creativity Indicators Related to Leadership in R&D? A Study Based on Bibliometric Data, Subjective Creativity Ratings and Leader-Membership Exchange (LMX) in Biomedical R&D Groups

Hildebrandt, Ann-Sofie and Larsen, Birger (Royal School of Library and Information
Science, Copenhagen, Denmark):
Reference and citation errors - a study of three law journals

Kang, Dae Shin; Na, In Wook; Shin, Yong Su; Lee, Dae Hee and Cheong, Yun Chul (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Techno-Economic Analysis Center, Korea):
A Case Study for R&D Strategic Planning and Decision Making for Using the
Patents and Articles Database in KIST


Kronman, Ulf and Karlsson, Staffan (Swedish Research Council, Stockholm, Sweden):
Confidence intervals and error margins for the field normalised citation rate
Abstract Presentation

Larsen, Peder Olesen (Hellerup, Denmark) and von Ins, Markus (Institut für
Forschungsinformation und Qualitätssicherung, iFQ, Bonn, Germany):
The Growth Rate of Science and the Coverage of Databases
Abstract Presentation

Late, Elina (Department of information studies, University of Tampere, Finland):
Cultural shaping of scholarly communication in research institutes
Abstract Presentation

Lin, Zhang (K.U. Leuven, Steunpunt O&O Indicatoren and Dept. MSI, Leuven, Belgium
& WISE Lab, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China) and Glänzel, Wolfgang
(K.U. Leuven, Steunpunt O&O Indicatoren and Dept. MSI, Leuven Belgium &
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Research Policy Studies, Budapest, Hungary):
Journal Cross-citation Analysis: Tracing the Role of Individual Journals in the
Communication Network and Validation & Improvement of Journal-Based Subject
Classification in Bibliometric Research

Abstract Presentation

McMillan, G. Steven and Casey, Debra L. (Penn State Abington, USA):
Paradigm Shifts in Industrial Relations Research: A Bibliometric Approach

Abstract Presentation

Rozenberga, Dace (Department of Information Science, Loughborough University, UK):
The impact of Latvian exile literature on research in Latvia: issues in data collection
Abstract Presentation

Schlemmer, Balázs (Policy Research Centre for R&D Indicators (SOOI), Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium):
Another aspect of the scientific profiles of eastern & western European EU countries: pecularities of journal usage
Abstract Presentation

Schneider, Jesper W. (Royal School of Library and Information Science, Aalborg South,
Analyzing asymmetric proximity relations in transaction matrices: The case of
journal cross-reference matrices

Abstract Presentation

Talja, Sanna and Vakkari, Pertti (Department of information studies, University of
Tampere, Finland):
Scholarly publishing orientations and patterns of print and electronic research literature use
Abstract Presentation

List of abstracts


Call for Presentations

Bibliometric researchers in the Nordic countries have arranged annual Nordic workshops on bibliometrics since 1996:

1996 in Helsinki
1997 in Stockholm
1998 in Oslo
1999 in Copenhagen

2000 in Oulu
2001 in Stockholm
2002 in Oslo
2003 in Aalborg

2004 in Turku
2005 in Stockholm
2006 in Oslo
2007 in Copenhagen

The general idea of the workshop is to present recent bibliometric research in the Nordic countries and to create better linkages between bibliometric research groups and their PhD students. The workshop language is English and the workshop is open to participants from any nation.


Further questions can be addressed by email to workshop coordinators:
Laura Himanen and Hanna-Mari Puuska




updated 22.8.2008