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Nordmedia 2007


Welcome to the 18th Nordic Conference for media and communication research to Helsinki 16.-19.8.2007

Generations, communication and media philosophy 

Generational experiences and media philosophy are a focus point in the Nordic Conference for Media and Communication Research. The Nordic conference has been organized since the 1970`s. During these 30 years, both research itself and the object of the research have changed.

The President of Finnish Association for Mass Communication Research (TOY) Irma Kaarina Halonen describes that change:

- Media research has entered a new phase where influences are adapted from different sources and research is taking place even more on no-mans land, for instance in societies and by using the new web- technology. Face-to-face - interaction has changed into computer-to-computer -communication.

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 Thank you for all!

Thank you to all the keynote speakers, commentators, panellists and the panels’ chairpersons, the chairpersons of the working groups as well as to all the attendees for the interesting conference in good spirit!

The next Nordic Conference for Media and Communication Research will be arranged by the Karlstad University in Sweden in 2009. See you there!


The following Nordic scientific associations arrange the Nordic conferences:
TOY Finnish Association for Mass Communication Research
SMID Society of Media Researchers in Denmark
NML Norwegian Association for Media Researchers
FSMK Swedish Association of Media and Communication Research