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Media Skills and Competence Conference

Media Competence is an expression of great importance in the year 2005. Yes, it has been it before, too, but never as important as today. Why? >> read more

Media Skills and Competence -conference in Tampere University, Finland, on May 26-27, 2005 will give an insight in media competence from an academic and practical perspective. Media competence will be discussed broadly with international experts: the current issues of state of art in media literacy, digital competence, educational philosophies, on-line communities, news, advertising, games and other issues related to the topic.

The discussions will also include a debate on the international PISA research on traditional literacies and the challenge of media literacy to schools. The role of media literacy is also analysed as a strategic goal for European learning initiatives. The Tampere UNESCO Chair in Global e-learning with applications to multiple domains is being used to circulate the information world-wide.

The central purpose of the conference is to promote the launching of the European Centre for Media Literacy by making known the findings and orientation of this EU-project.

The keynote speakers are Dr. Liss Jeffrey, Director of McLuhan Global Research Network, and Dr. Paul Lefrere, Executive Director E-learning in Microsoft.

On behalf of the organizers of the conference I would like to welcome you to join us in our exchange of views in Tampere in May!

Marja Heinonen
Conference Chair
University of Tampere