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BOBCATSSS 2009 symposium @ Porto, Portugal, 28—30 January 2009

BOBCATSSS 2010 website

May 26th, 2009 by Timo Salo

The website of the next BOBCATSSS symposium has recently opened! BOBCATSSS 2010 is to be held in Parma, Italy between the 25th and 28th of January 2010. Mark the dates in your calendar. The theme is “Bridging the digital divide: libraries providing access for all?”, and the call for papers is open until 15th of July 2009.

Further information and updates can be found at the BOBCATSSS 2010 website, and we recommend you to visit often or to subscribe to their RSS feed.

Regarding this BOBCATSSS 2009 website and its future: links to the full papers have been added to the abstracts page and to the list of full papers for easy access.

We will soon transfer an archived version of these pages to a new, permanent location (from to After the transition the old domain will redirect you to the new address for a while, but please update any links to point to the new location.

Updates to the content will not be made after the move.

Conference papers available in an e-archive

May 10th, 2009 by Team Tampere

Still some news from BOBCATSSS ‘09: we have finally published the conference papers in a free web archive called E-Lis. You can find the papers at We recommend you to search documents by e.g. author’s name.

Now practically all the post-conference work is done, though, we are having discussions and advising our followers from Parma, Manchester and Liverpool. We bet there will be a great BOBCATSSS on next year! See you there!

See you in Parma!

February 4th, 2009 by Team Tampere

BOBCATSSS ’09 is successfully over and now even (most of) the Team Tampere has reached home again. The organizing team wants to thank everyone who participated and especially those who gave us feedback. We will take your words into account and pass the relevant information to the next BOBCATSSS organizers to help them to organize a great conference next year.

As it was informed at the closing ceremony, BOBCATSSS 2010 will take place in Parma, Italy. We hope to see you there again!

The organizing team

BOBCATSSS ‘09 in pictures

January 30th, 2009 by Team Tampere

We have started to upload conference photos to Flickr with the tag ’BOBCATSSS 2009’. There is a lot of photos still to come from our team, and we hope our guests will also add their pics to Flickr as well and tag them like we do.

Find the photo collection at

Mindstorms belong to rainy days

January 29th, 2009 by Team Tampere

People in BOBCATSSS seem to have adopted the conference theme “Challenges for the New Information Professional” well.

Professor Tom Wilson, as the first keynote speaker, headlined his speech plainly “Thinking about the future” and put an emphasis on the rapid growth of population and the number of Internet users in developed countries. As hundreds of millions of people get access to the highway of information, professionals of our business shall have big new challenges, he stated.

Tom Wilson was the first keynote speaker.

The second keynote speaker, doctor Kimmo Tuominen, spoke mostly about participation. Mr Tuominen presented bold metaphors by, for instance, building allegories between information science, punk rock and Star Wars phenomenon. The third keynote speaker, professor Fernanda Ribeiro, pondered about the diversity and interdisclipinarity of information science by, for example, highlighting facts such as the growing number of new profession titles on information field.

For Thursday the BOBCATSSS caravan moved to other side of the city, to the Faculdade de Letras do Porto, but thinking about the future has continued as lively as it started on Wednesday.

One of Thurday’s workshop presenters was Aneta Ostrowska from Poland with the topic “WHOIS Librarian 2.0 − creating a characteristic of librarian of the future”. As a result of one hour’s mindstorm the participants could present some kind of image of librarian 2.0. According to that, the professional has to be very flexible and has to have good skills in communication, communicative technology, pedagogy, and many, many other features.

Aneta turned out to be one of those who try to get the maximum out of BOBCATSSS. After her workshop she just grabbed some breath and coffee before rushing into next workshop which was held by Tord Høivik from Oslo University College. The topic was “Counting the traffic − with students as observers” and it was about usage of public libraries in Norway.

Tord Høivik introduced a traffic research in his workshop.

“I like to do it in a bit different way than the others. That’s why the participants are not going to sit here all the 90 minutes, instead they go to library for a while to seek information”, Tord explained before the workshop. The concept seemed to work well.

“Really nice to have some action during the workshop, something very different if you compare to mine”, Aneta thanked after the session. “Sure I can take some advantage of this information in my studies in the future.”

Guests viewing posters.

During the two days of BOBCATSSS ’09 there has been approximately forty presenters giving speeches, introducing posters and leading workshops. There is still a lot to come, not to mention the guided tours and evening parties. Let’s see if there will be again an after party for over thirty people (like Finns and Germans had on Wednesday).

URGENT - Delay of Thursday’s evening party

January 29th, 2009 by Team Tampere

The BOBCATSSS Thursday evening party at Real Feytoria will start at 22.00, not at 20.00 as it had been previously announced. Due to technical difficulties we probably cannot modify the web page before the evening, so please spread the word as much as you can.

The BOBCATSSS organizing team apologizes for the misinformation and hopes to see you all at Real Feytoria at ten o’ clock.

The early bird catches the worm

January 28th, 2009 by Team Tampere

The first guest to arrive at this year’s conference was a true BOBCATSSS veteran. Laurits Rasmussen from Denmark has participated four times in BOBCATSSS before this. Laurits Rasmussen at the registration desk.

Laurits was part of the organization team in ’06, last year he spoke at the students’ panel, and this time he will have a presentation with the topic “The Librarian 2.0 and the Visual Information Professional”.

“It’s an old story in a new case”, describes Laurits, with a wide smile on his face as always. “There will be talk about the new rooms and spaces of librarians and also something new about language, I think.”

Laurits has always enjoyed his visits in BOBCATSSS, and, based on his instincts, this one won’t be an exception.

“Every BOBCATSSS is a bit different than others. This year I have got well informed beforehand through the website, and that’s why I expect that this BOBCATSSS will be a great event. And now that I am here, everything looks good so far.”

Symposium starting tomorrow

January 27th, 2009 by Timo Salo

We warmly welcome you to BOBCATSSS 2009! The symposium starts tomorrow, and here are a few points of notice:

  • The first-night dinner is a social event which is only targeted to those who have paid the extra 5 euros.
  • If you move by metro, the stop to leave is “I.P.O” for FEUP (days 1 and 3) and “Casa da Música” for FLUP (day 2).
  • The addresses in the programme for FEUP were incorrect (days 1 and 3): the correct address is Faculdade de Engenharia (FEUP), Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n 4200-465.

Team Tampere moving to Porto

January 24th, 2009 by Timo Salo

Final meeting in Tampere The organising team in Tampere held its last meeting yesterday in snowy Finland before travelling to Porto.

Most of the team is heading to Portugal this Sunday, and we are staying for seven days, some even longer.

This blog is going to be updated during the symposium too, as time allows, so do not stop following. Another way to keep up is to look at the photos in Flickr (tag: bobcatsss2009).

Here we come!

Workshop and tour lists

January 17th, 2009 by Timo Salo

If you want to make sure that you have been accepted to attend a workshop or a tour, you can now check your place in the listings. We will contact you by email as well if it looks like you will not have a place in an event. (The status view of the registration system may not show you the actual situation because many events have been overbooked.)

Lists of the attendees can be viewed here. The user name is ‘bobcatsss’, and the password is the beneficiary account number (beginning 4726…) from the invoice you received by email.

Dialog ProQuest will also hold a company workshop under the title Dialogclassicweb (day 2, starting at 14:00). To this workshop you can register on the spot.

Update: The overbooking was caused by the design of the registration system. During previous years there had been problems with people not paying or arriving, but still registering and taking up places in workshops and tours.

This is why we decided to let those in who paid first, also to encourage quick payments. Unfortunately this meant that registration to a certain event was only closed after it was full of participants who had paid; meanwhile, people could still register to the event.

So if attendants did not pay immediately after the registration, overbooking could happen.

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