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The research project examines informal and formal care resources as a specific form of social capital (‘social care capital’). It brings new insights to social capital research by focusing on gender and generation in the context of care. It studies the formation, usage and distribution of social care capital. Methodologically the project combines qualitative and quantitative approaches and produces comparisons at different analytical levels; those of individual/family, national and cross-national ones. A focal assumption is that formal care institutions matter both for the formation of informal care capital and for the un/equal distribution of social care capital. Thus, one focus of the project is on the complex relations of trust and reciprocity typical not only to social networks in which informal care is produced but also to formal arrangements of care.

The project is part of the Academy of Finland research stream funded also by Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Labour, The Finnish Work Environment Fund and The National Technology Agency of Finland. The research stream is called Social Capital and Networks of Trust (SoCa).



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