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Updated 23.04.2009

Modeling Vocational Excellence (MoVE)


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This two-year (2007-2008) MoVE project ("Modeling Vocational Excellence") is funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education.

The MoVE project has two major research questions:
1) What are the predictors of vocational excellence?
2) What is the level of utilization of the World Skills Competition (WSC) participants' competence in working life?

Both research questions are answered with theoretical concept analysis (the review of existing literature), interview (participants, trainers, competition judges, employers) and survey study (the development of measurement instrument, the analysis of empirical data).

The main results of this study are a theoretical model of Vocational Excellence (VE) and an operationalisation of the model, the Vocational Excellence Indicators Questionnaire (VEIQ).

This study analyses the training practices of WSC candidates. It also studies to what extent working life requirements and expectations are present in the training process. Results of this study indicate how both successful and unsuccessful top-level vocational (both WSC competitors and unselected) trainees have succeeded in working life.


Nokelainen, P., Ruohotie, P., & Korpelainen, K. (2008, September). Modeling of Vocational Excellence (MoVE) - A Case Study of Finnish World Skills Competition Participants. Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, Gothenburg, Sweden. [PPT]


Ruohotie, P., Nokelainen, P., & Korpelainen, K. (2008). Ammatillisen huippuosaamisen mallintaminen: Teoreettiset lähtökohdat ja mittausmalli [Modeling of Professional Excellence: Theoretical framework and measurement model]. Ammattikasvatuksen aikakauskirja, 10(1), 4-16. [PDF]

Nokelainen, P., & Ruohotie, P. (2009, April). Characteristics that Typify Successful Finnish World Skills Competition Participants. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, USA. [PDF]


Professor Pekka Ruohotie

Ph.D., professor of vocational education, director of Research Centre for Vocational Education, University of Tampere, Finland. He has an extensive experience of teaching in vocational schools of the industry, acting as the head researcher at large corporations, as well as personnel developer and a consultant of the management. Professor Ruohotie is an educator of teachers and a developer of education since 1977.

Phone +358 3 3551 3600 / +358 40 555 8965

Petri Nokelainen

Ph.D., special researcher at the Research Centre for Vocational Education, University of Tamperee, Finland. He is the pricipal investigator of MoVE project. His research interest lies on the study of applied statistical modeling, various issues related to professional growth, modern network-based learning and gifted education.

Please contact Petri Nokelainen for more information about this ongoing project.

Phone +358 40 557 4994

Kari Korpelainen

Ph.D., special researcher at the Research Centre for Vocational Education, University of Tampere, Finland; associate professor of vocational education, Tallinn University. He has an extensive business experience as well as experience of training, teaching and management consulting. His main research interests lie in innovativeness and professional growth.

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