ENGP8 Intro to American English References
ENGP8 Class Reference Files Index
ENGP8 [formerly FAST-US-1] Introduction to American English (Hopkins)
English Translation and Interpreting (ETI) Curriculum
University of Tampere, Finland

First Course Segment:
Differences Between American and British English
Second Course Segment
Ethnic and Regional Dialects, Stereotypes and Caricatures Third Course Segment
(A) Historical and Ethnic Influences on American English (B) Yiddish and Ethnic-Jewish Influence in American English (C) Black English (AAVE, BVE, 'Ebonics'): What It Is, What It Isn't

(C)   Spanish Influences on American English

(D) Jargon and Euphemisms

(E) 'Forbidden' Words, Terms of Abuse, Expletives

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